The ‘Wakkere Wieven van Hattem’ walk

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What is the similarity between Greet Hofmans (best friend of Queen Juliana) and Eleonora of England (the third child and eldest daughter of King Edward II of England and Isabella of France)?

That's right, they both play a part in the 'Wakkere Wieven van Hattem’ walk. It is good to mention that 'Wakkere' in this case does not mean 'awake or well rested'. “Although perhaps they were,” smiles Charlotte van der Werff - Wijnakker as the author of this walk. “But for these women 'Wakker' stands for: Alert, Strong, Perceptive, Brave. They are all women whose stories are worth telling.”

The 1,5 hour walk through the centre of Hattem is not to be confused with the 'normal' city walk. “The city walk often features men, but the proverb 'Behind every strong man, there is a strong woman' actually says enough. We do not want the women who played an important role in the history of Hattem to be lost.” Van der Werff - Wijnakker, who is also associated with this walk as a city guide, came up with the concept at the suggestion of her sister-in-law. She indicated that she was missing 'something' about women. And that's where this concept was actually rolled out and we delved into history. Yet the walk is not intended for women alone. Men are also very welcome to learn more about the ‘woke’ women of Hattem.

The tour passes by a total of sixteen important places in Hattem. Where, as it turns out during the walk, it is not always just about the individual, but also about groups of strong women who have committed themselves to Hattem society. “For example, we also pass the former midwife's house, or the place where the poor women of Hattem were given shelter. It has become a very mixed walk in which we pay a nice tribute to the 'strong women of yesteryear'.”