Hanze Walk of Fame

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Meet well-known Hattem citizens and hear their stories about the city’s Hanseatic past. On the Hanze Walk of Fame you will experience Hattem in a new way. On this tour, with its audio, visuals and Augmented Reality, local ‘’celebrities’’ will take you along the trails of the rich Hanseatic past that can be found in Hattem.

Lieutenant-general Wijnen, reporter and news presenter Margje Fikse, Anton Pieck’s grandson and estate agent Hans Veltkamp: you will encounter them all via your headset on your walk through Hattem and along the river IJssel. They will tell you stories about the spot you are at on that very moment. Anton Pieck’s grandson, for example, will conjure up for you how his granddad drew the Dijkpoort – the Dike Gateway - and Lieutenant-general Wijnen will imagine what castle Dikke Tinne – lit. Thick Rampart of Fat Battlement - looked like and tell you about the differences between the city defensive system then and now.

Interactive tour
You can buy this interactive tour for € 3,00 at the Tourist Information Point. The tour starts there and off you go with your smartphone and headset. The route is some four kilometres in length and will take approximately one hour. You will regularly stand still for an interview with a well-known (former)inhabitant or family member. With the help of Augmented Reality (AR) you can even put historical buildings back into their original place and walk around them! In this way you can visualise what it all looked like in those days. This AR technique can only be used on the latest smartphones. So make sure you have one with you to experience this tour to the full.

Bringing the Hanseatic League to life
‘’With this Hanseatic Walk of Fame we want to pass on our knowledge of the unique culture of the Hanseatic League and the present day value of the Hanseatic cities. We also want to revive the heyday of the Hanseatic League by authentic and compelling stories and link these stories to the entrepreneurs of today. We hope to achieve this by matching the commercial spirit of our inhabitants with the visible qualities of the Hanseatic cities and their culture.’’ Sonja Schultz-coordinator Visit Hattem.

More info: www.visithattem.nl