A sense of wonder when visiting Voerman Stadsmuseum Hattem

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A visit to the Voerman Stadsmuseum Hattem is, over and over again, a fascinating and fun experience for young and old. The museum owes its name to the art painters Jan Voerman senior and Jan Voerman junior.

Two charming mansions in the authentic historic old centre of Hanseatic town Hattem form the quarters of this unique museum for fine arts, history and archaeology. Who does not know the beautiful IJssel views of Voerman senior or the famous stickers that Voerman junior created for the well-known Verkade albums. But Voerman senior painted more, such as Jewish scenes, beautiful flowers in pots, Epe cottages and portraits. Voerman junior is repr
esented not only by his ‘’Verkade’’ period but also by his free work.

Museum curator Daphne Maas tells: “The permanent exhibition of the Voerman Stadsmuseum Hattem has a wide base. Not only father and son Voerman are represented but also Hattem artists or those who chose Hattem as subject for their works.’ Thus the museum shows paintings by Jo Koster, Johannes Bosboom, Adrianus Eversen, Jan van Vuuren, Peter Snayers and the sculptures of Bé Thoden van Velzen. History and archaeology have also been given space in the surprising museum collection of the museum in the Achterstraat. On the ground floor the history of Hattem is focussed on in the so called Zicht-op-Hattem-zaal. Here the 4,000-year-old bell beaker and bell beaker dish are on display. The medieval history of Hattem is presented in the archaeology basement. The scale model of castle de Dikke Tinne is the showpiece here. On the ground floor the Daendels sitting room can be found. Named after the well-known Hattem patriot Herman Willem Daendels. This is where you can catch your breath after having admired all the beauties that the museum has to offer. And the cosy courtyard, designed as sculpture garden, is nearby.

Next to the permanent collection this museum offers interesting temporary exhibitions. At the moment the exhibition ‘’De dingen dichtbij’’ – things at arm’s length – with work of the Deventer artist Jaap Nieuwenhuis can be seen. Nieuwenhuis is inspired by his immediate surroundings, in his own home. In the museum shop various books about Jaap Nieuwenhuis are available, among others the book about his still lives in watercolour published in February 2022. Furthermore the exhibition ‘’Waar tijd niet meer telt’’ – where time no longer counts – is very worthwhile. This exhibition shows the urbex-photography of Hans Borst. His wanderings through deserted buildings have resulted in impressive photographs. From Saturday 24th April this exhibition will be replaced by an exhibition of the work of Hattem artist Roeli Rumscheidt. Finally, in the Zicht-op-Hattem-zaal a mini exhibition will be on display about the canon of Hattem. Highlights from Hattem history will be illuminated such as castle de Dikke Tinne.

The museum sets out to be accessible for everyone. Such as for school classes, of which the pupils set to work at school with art and history after having visited the museum. For people with a visual handicap the museum developed a new app ‘’Blikvanger’’ – Eyecatcher. Via special smart phones, on which this app has been downloaded, they can make an audio tour through the museum and in this way the museum collection will come to life for them as well.

Museum shop
In the Museum shop near the entrance of the museum various nice products are for sale. The shop is freely accessible without visiting the museum.