Top 3: walking and hiking in Hattem

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Through the medieval city gate of Hattem, along the Wezepsche Heide, through the sprawling estate Landgoed Molecaten or through the forest, walking in this Hanseatic city is extremely diverse. For seasoned hikers and leisurely strollers alike, walking in and around Hattem is a true joy.

  1. Hanseatic city walk

    Get tempted by the historic centre of Hattem! While walking with a guide you hear all sorts of extraordinary stories, which will let you see a completely different side of this city. Admire the Dijkpoort, Hattem’s last standing city gate, the Spookhuis and former castle the Dikke Tinne. There are plenteous of routes to choose from.
    Tip: Make sure to have a reservation for the tour, before your arrival in Hattem.

    Would you rather walk through Hattem on your own? There are several different maps with routes for sale at the tourist information point. Including the popular Hanseatic route.

  2. NS-hike Wezep-Zwolle

    A diverse route with both forest, heather and open plots of land such as the river landscape. From the Wezep train station, you’re a short way from the green areas and walking through the forest you will find the sloping, open heather of Wezep. During this hike you pass through Hattem, where you can stop for a refreshment or a small bite to eat. The complete route is to be found on the website of the Dutch railways (

  3. Klompenpaden (clog paths)

    Discover Hattem’s lovely countryside with one of two of the klompenpaden, the Assenradep path and the Hoenwaardse path. Both are 11 km long and take you to the most idyllic places around Hattem. If you follow the Assenrade path, follow the blue clog-shaped markings. This walk will bring you past the floodplains, polder landscapes and forest. The Hoenwaardse path is a tour along a tow-path for tow-boats, heather, and estate, an ancient water mill and a ‘sprengenbeek’ (a manmade canal to bring water to the surface) This route is marked by an orange clog-shaped marking. Both routes can be walked in either direction. The Assenrade path starts at Herberg Molecaten and the Hoenwaardse path starts at the Panorama Pavillion of Vadesto.

    De Klompenpaden are for sale at the tourist information point.