Taking Bites in Beautiful Hattem Friday 21th July 2023

After three years the yummiest food festival of Hattem will be taken out of the fridge, namely on Friday 21th July, from 3 pm until 9 p.m. Gourmets will have the time of their lives. The charming event on Kerkplein will still be able to surprise party animals and connoisseurs. ‘’Taking bites in beautiful Hattem or in Dutch Happen in Hattem, is organised by Visit Hattem in collaboration with various local catering establishments. Especially for this day the participating caterers will prepare the sampling of small bites or snacks. A nice way to get to know new restaurants or a new menu and spoil your senses to its limits. Visitors can choose between a wide variety of delicious snacks. For every taste and every age there will be something. The event is freely accessible and the various snacks can be paid by means of tokens which can be bought on the day itself, i.e. on Kerkplein. Live music will bring a convivial atmosphere and the littluns can bake their own pancakes and will be entertained to their hearts’ content with fun activities, specially aimed at children.