Chocolate festival Hattem

Saturday 26nd October 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Chocoholics and people with a sweet tooth can indulge themselves in Hattem. On Saturday 26nd October Hattem will be magically turned into a true chocolate paradise. The best chocolatiers will present their latest trends in the art of chocolate making and give spectacular demonstrations.

In the streets of the medieval town you will find yourselves eye to eye with chocolatiers, artists and many market stalls full of chocolate works, pralines and chocolate truffles with spectacular flavours. In a number of stalls you can taste fantastic combinations, such as nuts and Dutch doughnuts – oliebollen - with chocolate or dip your fruit stick into the chocolate fountain. Every participant will take young and old along with him into the delicious world of chocolate. There will be various chocolatiers from all over the country to show their own unique way of making pralines or ‘’bonbons’’. There is a chef who will demonstrate that cooking and chocolate go very well together and wine can be tasted together with chocolate. Furthermore workshops will take place with chocolate for its main theme in which artistic creations can be made. Artists will paint with chocolate or mould the most beautiful sculptures out of this brown gold. You will be amazed by the many demonstrations and fantastic showpieces.

Children will also get full attention. From decorating chocolate muffins and making chocolate lollypops to painting with chocolate. This year, too, there will undoubtedly be long queues of children in front of the hairdresser’s: with the help of these hair artists many children will walk through Hattem with beautiful creations in dark, milk or white chocolate in their hair. The festival which in a short time grew into the largest and liveliest of our country, is organised by Bonbon Atelier A3 in close collaboration with Visit Hattem and a number of (inter)national chocolatiers and artists.