Andreas Church

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Important landmark in Hattem’s history

The Grote or Andreaskerk on the Markt in Hattem can be visited regularly and tourists are very welcome. The church is open to visitors from mid-May to mid-September on Tuesday to Friday from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm and on Saturday from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. During the summer months a permanent staff is present on Wednesdays. Those interested can walk into the church and receive information. There is also a fun treasure hunt for children in which they answer questions and follow clues while walking through the church.

There is a permanent team of people who provide guided tours, and who can tell you quite a lot about this church. The history of the Andreas Church goes back in time. There has been a church on this site from around the year 1225. The prominent location, close to the river Ijssel, was consciously chosen. The tower was placed against the church at a later date. In building the tower use was made of tuff stone from the first church in Hattem on the Gaedsbergh. Around 1400 a new church in Gothic style was built. In those days Hattem had approximately 1,000 inhabitants.

In 1429 the church was struck by lightning, which resulted in a fire. The restoration and repair work lasted until mid-1436. In the following centuries adjustments were regularly made to the church, such as a new choir and the Anna Chapel around 1500. In 1645-1646 a new choir screen and various magisterial seats were installed, which can still be found in the church. The baptismal font, dating from the early 13th century, has also remained intact. The church has two organs.

Volunteers are happy to provide information and explanation about the history of the Andreas Church. On Wednesday afternoons in July and August you can enjoy the carillon and organ concerts. The carillon concerts are performed by city carillonneur Martien van der Knijff and start at 2:30 pm. The organ concerts are performed by the permanent church organists and take place from July 10 to the beginning of September on Wednesday from 3:15 pm to 3:45 pm. On Open Monument Day (Saturday, September 14) the carillon and the organ will be played in the afternoon.