Come and discover the Anton Pieck Museum

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Located in a unique place in the picturesque town centre, between Dijkpoort and windmill De Fortuin the Anton Pieck Museum can be found. Here visitors can enjoy the largest collection of works by Dutch engraver and art painter Anton Pieck.

Versatile artist
Anton Pieck is best known as the man who designed the Fairy Tale wood in theme park the Efteling, calendar images and book illustrations. It is less well-known by the public that Anton Pieck was also a gifted, productive and versatile engraver besides being master of the craft of illustration. The Anton Pieck Museum wants to show who Anton Pieck really was and why his work is part of the art historical heritage. Besides changing exhibitions the original studio can be admired where Pieck spent hours to make his most detailed works of art. In the basement a 1500-kilo-weighing etching press can be seen on which the master printed his own etchings.

Anton Pieck was born in Den Helder, he lived in The Hague and spent a large part of his life in Overveen. In the beginning Pieck did not cherish the idea that a museum should be dedicated to him. He did not want a museum too close to his home. He did not want to be disturbed by interested people when at work, who would drive past his home in Overveen after a potential museum visit. That is the reason why the initiators of founding a museum started to look for another place. An Anton Pieck-exhibition in Hattem drew their attention to this town on the river IJssel. The Anton Pieck Museum was opened by Anton Pieck himself on 6th September 1984, in the presence of Princess Margriet.

Museum shop
In the museum shop lovely souvenirs are being sold. In the charming entrance hall visitors can get a delicious cup of coffee or tea. The Anton Pieck Museum is situated on Noordwal 31 in Hattem. For more information and opening times, go to

Nostalgia reawakens
During a tour in the museum the new curator Judith Bartel shows that Anton Pieck was an all round artist. Anton Pieck was a well-known person to Judith, who was born in Haarlem and grew up on the border of Overveen and Haarlem. He was not only that striking man who matched with the street image but above all the maker of the fantastic drawings that she found in and around her home. Anton Pieck’s works lent themselves excellently to her mission of making art accessible to everyone. ‘’Pieck’s works are detailed and brim with surprising and humorous twists that fuel the imagination. They are well-filled designs, full of stories that evoke nostalgia. Pieck is a historical encyclopaedia. Apart from enjoying his art, it is our task to bring back that forgotten knowledge about the past and make it relive. Pieck, besides being a good draftsman and engraver, mastered many other techniques. His works are full of detail and his stories give a warm feeling of security and comfort. Moreover his works of art are very skilled, the message is easy to grasp and there is a lot of recognition to be found. Do come and enjoy the Anton Pieck Museum to discover and experience that yourself."

Exhibition: Still wateren, Diepe gronden – Still waters run deep
In the exhibition ‘’Still waters run deep’’ the Anton Pieck Museum shows how Pieck saw the landscape around him and in this way you get a more profound knowledge of the man behind his art. With an interactive tour the exhibition can be explored further. Via an app the visitor can zoom in on details and techniques, read about the background and hear why Pieck’s work belongs to the Dutch art historical heritage. To further enlarge the experience Anton Pieck is brought to life by means of a hologram.

Exhibition: Roodkapje – Little Red Riding Hood
In the exhibition Roodkapje the original designs of Anton Pieck for the theme park de Efteling can be admired. Complemented by beautiful material from the archives.