Top 4: Cycling around Hattem

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Are you in search for a beautiful cycling tour? Come cycle in and around the IJssel. A broad river with endless foreland interchanged with picturesque villages and the wooded area of the Veluwe. These are the cycling tours that you cannot miss in and around Hattem, a Hanseatic city that is most definitely worth a visit as well.

  1. Cycling route Hattem-Heerde-Epe

    Imagine forests, moor, small lakes, the river IJssel and of course a lot of Hanseatic history! On one hand this varied route takes you through beautiful forest and across the Renderklippen. This is a hilly moor area where a shepherd wanders with is flock of sheep. On the other hand, this route will take you through the IJssel valley and gets you acquainted with another side of the Veluwe. There are several pleasant establishments along the route which provide for a perfect break. Furthermore, this route takes you through the old Hanseatic city of Hattem, the cosy town of Epe, the farmers village of Oene and the village of Veessen situated on the banks of the IJsel.

    Cycling nodes(knooppunten): 58-60-39-01-84-65-89-30-19-20-22-43-07-65-63-62-61-96-26-64-13-51-67-69-70-08-97-58-51-31-66-92-86-67-19-33-74-36-59-58.

    You can also find this route on cycling map "Veluwe en IJsselstreek", which is for sale at the touristic information point.

  2. Rondje Pontje (ferry go-round)

    Rondje Pontje is an exquisite cycling tour along the banks of one of the most beautiful rivers in the Netherland: the IJssel. One might even call it the most beautiful. The combination of the flowing stream, floodplains, nature areas and and the lively combination of ships and pleasure crafts alike make the IJssel a major tourist attraction. Make sure to stop along the picturesque towns along the way and have a drink at one of the many terraces. This route takes you along and across the IJssel along the following ferries: ’t Kleine Veer, the Wijhese Veer and Kozakkenveer. Before you head of on this route, make sure to check if all the ferries are operating on:

    This route is for sale at the tourist information point.

  3. Book a guide

    Get acquainted with Hattem’s surroundings in an unique way and book a guide! This trip of approximately two hours will take you through the floodplains and forest rich environment of Hattem. With the guidance of an experienced guide, you will learn all there is to know about Hattem’s history. You will see special places in and around Hattem’s centre and get to hear exciting tales and anecdotes about its compelling history. An exquisitely fun way to get to know Hattem by bike and perfectly suitable for group events.

    You can book your tour here.

  4. Go mountainbiking on the Veluwe

    Are you looking for more of a thrill? Go mountain biking in and around Hattem! From the town you’ll reach the Veluwe in no time, where you can zigzag and cross through conifers and heather fields. Prepare yourself for a proper climb along the hills! One of the most scenic mountain biking routes starts from parking lot Wapenvelder Molenweg in Hattem.