Nice walks in the forest!

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Ten minutes’ cycling from Hattem’s city centre you will find the forests of the north eastern tip of the Veluwe. You’ll find the beautiful coniferous and deciduous forests here inhabited by roe deer and wild boar.

Advancing ice in the last ice age, over 10,000 years ago, has created the characteristic walled landscape that you see a lot in Hattem’s forests: elevation changes such as potholes and "mountains".

The mountain trail
The differences in elevation created in the ice age are popularly called mountains. The Mountain walk is a nice trail of approximately 11 kilometres, along the Hattem “mountains”. The trail starts at the Tourist Information Point, where the description of the route is for sale. The leaflet does not only describe the route, but also the history of Hattem and the various points of interest. The Mountain trail takes hikers along both paved and unpaved roads and is, consequently, not suitable for wheelchairs and prams.

A nice place for a walk with children is the Leemcule. The Leemcule was originally a pit where loam was excavated for the iron industry. Loam was also used to lubricate stream beds. Loam is very suitable for this because it is not water-permeable. Nowadays the pit is in the first place a spot where children can run down to their hearts’ content and play games.

Especially for children (4-10 years of age) the walk “Around the Leemcule’’ was made. Follow the route on the map and get to know more about the forest and the Leemcule through assignments and facts. This walk is for sale at the Kiosk De Leemcule (Leemculeweg 2), where the start of the walk is also located.

In search of the Spanish Counts
Another nice walk for children is the walk “In search of the Spanish Counts”. Here you follow the Scottish soldier Alex Grimm’s trail on the way to the army entrenchment ‘’The Spanish counts”. Here too you will learn more about the forest and its history by means of assignments and facts.

Clog trails
Around Hattem there are two so-called clog trails (Klompenpaden): the Assenrade path and the Hoenwaardse path. Both (signposted) routes are approx.. 11 kilometres in length and both can be walked in both directions. The Hoenwaardse trail is extremely varied: walking along a towpath, through the floodplain, through forest and heathland. The Assenrade trail passes through the floodplain and polder landscape. Both walks lead through the Molecaten Estate and the Hattem forests.
All hiking trails mentioned above are for sale at the Tourist Information Points, Kerkhofstraat 2.